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The Family Game Ladder- Ball

By Andrew Carter, May 1 2013

Welcome to our website site The purpose of this site is to provide you with free information and resources about the great game of ladder-ball. We trust you enjoy the site and find the material helpful and answers the questions you may have had.
For us we came across ladder ball only recently and we have become rather hooked ever since. A simple game of throwing a rope with two golf balls attached to it and trying to get it hooked around one of three rungs on a ladder. What could be simpler? But you would be amazed how difficult it can be at times or how tactical a competitive game can become between the teams.

What we enjoy about the game is its simplicity and it is a game that the whole family can get involved in and really have a go at only after a few minutes of an explanation or demonstration. Played indoors or outdoors, although we prefer the great freedom you get with the outdoor version, will keep people entertained for hours and can be as competitive or laid-back as you wish to make it.

We have set out some more information articles that we thought you might find useful and these can be access from below or the menu on the right hand sidebar.

Ladder Golf Trick Shots

A great video here from the guys over at Some amazing trick shots and nicely put together video.


What is Ladder Ball?

What is Ladder Ball?This article explains in more detail about how ladder ball is played, setting how to through a bola, some team and scoring strategies, how the game is setup and the type of equipment you need.

Ladder Ball Equipment

Ladder Ball EquipmentOf course you need some equipment to play ladder ball and so we go through some of the sets now available on the market. The article covers a range from the budget entry sets through the top of the line for the serious ladder ball player.

Ladder Ball Accessories

Ladder Ball AccessoriesIn addition to full ladder ball sets you may be in the market for some extra bolos as spares or replacements. We cover three different products in this short article review help you with this process. Please click here for further details or use the link Ladder Ball Accessories from the menu on the right side bar.

Ladder Ball Electronic Games

Just in case you can’t get enough of the real game you can play ladder ball on the Nintendo DS as well. We have a short article review here where you can find more details.


And finally ...

We trust you find the information contained on our site useful and help you enjoy the game of ladder ball just that little bit more. If you any comments or would like further information please contact us by clicking here or by using the Contact Us option from the right sidebar menu.

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